Vans I handpainted in 2018. A tribute to the beautiful magnolia tree and growth in Spring.

Irises mural, 2016. Cute mural I did a few years ago in East Oakland. Soon to get an upgrade.

Concept drawing, 2018. Inspired by the poppies blessing all of California.

Hand-painted linen shirt, 2019. You can find this on the racks at VAMP Records in Downtown Oakland on 19th street.

The Next Frontier, 2016. This is an older piece, where I was exploring line, loose splatter, and space age portraiture.

small work on a hand-made box, 2018. Obsessed with this mint green.

Fluttr, 2017. A commission I did a few years ago. Inspired by the butterfly and how we give and receive energy from one another and the universe.