Juno's Landing, 2019. 28" x 24.5". acrylic, gouache on painted window.

A custom jacket I painted in 2018. Acrylic, mixed with fabric medium.

Portrait tribute to Berta Cáceres, late Honduran environmental activist who was assassinated in early March 2016. Her life's work was protecting the Lenca people and their sacred river from corporate exploitation. Her physical body may be gone, but her resolve will never go away.

Triptych, acrylic on wood, March 2016.

Custom shoes I painted in 2018. bleach dyed. Acrylic, mixed with fabric medium on blue vans.

upcoming pin design, 2019. Stay tuned!

Silk and Caesium, 2019. 17.5"x18.5"acrylic, flashe, and gouache on old glass window.

Callisto Storm, 2019. 43"x49" Acrylic and flashe on canvas.

Concept drawing, 2019. The energy of life which passes through all of us, once harnessed, provides all we need to heal and create positive change.