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Laura Marshall

Fine Artist

Oakland, CA

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Whatever we resist, persists.
— Carl Gustav Jung

When I first started my art journey in the Bay Area 5 years ago, I was focused on telling the stories of others. My art today is much more about my own journey of facing fears, self doubt, and understanding the real power within myself, and ultimately, all of us.

My current body of work, entitled “Broken Symmetry”, explores themes of where we come from, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going -- which is all happening now. Over the years, I’ve been drawn to space, planets, and the principles and mysteries in modern astrophysics. The planets represent home, safety, rootedness, and support. The rope represents DNA, which connects all living things in our reality. The flora represents our potential, growth, wisdom, and those miracles of which we are capable of achieving in our lives. Time is an illusion, as we know, and the only things we really have control over are in the present moment.

As you move through this website and my bodies of work, I invite you to celebrate where you feel safe and grounded, reflect on where you have control (your reactions), and entertain dreams of your ultimate potential. Many of us are simply reacting to life, trying to survive the heaviness that life brings. As the wise Carl Jung said, “Whatever you resist, persists. And whatever you embrace, dissolves.” When we move from a place of reaction to emotional responsibility and intention, everything begins to shift. We all deserve a life filled with peace, calm, and love -- and the journey starts within you.

Laura currently resides in the Dubs of East Oakland,CA and got her start as part of the Faultline ArtSpace crew. Originally from Southern California, she incorporates traditional painting techniques and is most drawn to working with acrylic, gouache, and watercolor, as well as pen and ink. She is also a full-time Grant Writer for a San Francisco-based non-profit, runs workshops for artists, and is an active board member of the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Concept drawing, 2019. When we focus on growth, creativity, and expansion of our consciousness, anything is possible.

Concept drawing, 2019. When we focus on growth, creativity, and expansion of our consciousness, anything is possible.

Vans I handpainted in 2018. A tribute to the beautiful magnolia tree and growth in Spring.

Irises mural, 2016. Cute mural I did a few years ago in East Oakland. Soon to get an upgrade.

Concept drawing, 2018. Inspired by the poppies blessing all of California.

Hand-painted linen shirt, 2019. You can find this on the racks at VAMP Records in Downtown Oakland on 19th street.

The Next Frontier, 2016. This is an older piece, where I was exploring line, loose splatter, and space age portraiture.

small work on a hand-made box, 2018. Obsessed with this mint green.

Fluttr, 2017. A commission I did a few years ago. Inspired by the butterfly and how we give and receive energy from one another and the universe.


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